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We have a large stock holding which includes spare parts and a wide range of products.

Bag Manufacturing (FIBC)

For either 50Kg or 1-tonne bag manufacturing. Ideal for Bulk Maize, Bulk Rice Bags, Bulk Charcoal Bags, Bulk Sugar Bags or any Bulk Polypropylene Bags. For seaming and hemming medium weight bags & container bags made of polypropylene.

Bag Closing Systems

The portable solution for closing/sewing of bags filled with a variety of products. The portability of these machines ensure that the bags can be sewn just about anywhere.

Heat Sealing Machines

We stock Band sealers and Hot air Sealers. Band sealers are ideal for efficient heat sealing of light to heavy weight plastic bags. Hot Air Bag sealer utilizes hot air to continuously seal a wide range of bag materials at high speed and efficiency.

Inline Stitching Systems

High speed sewing heads used for plain sewing of every type of open-mouth bag. Including paper & woven polypropylene. Suited for end of line bag closing/sewing applications. The bags travel on the conveyor to the stitching machine to be stitched closed. Available in manual or semi automatic options.

Polyester Sewing Thread

Sew-Rite International’s bag sewing threads for packing industries feature high breaking strength and are designed to ensure maximum machine-based production capability. Sew-Rite can supply a wide range of different qualities, compositions and colours.

Machine Parts and Accessories

Sew-Rite is Africa’s largest stockist of accessories, spare parts and machines to the World’s bag making and bag closing industry. The spare parts are precision engineered using the highest quality materials and are fully guaranteed. Spares are available for Fischbein, Newlong, Union Special & SRI brands of machinery.

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