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industries we service


Potatoes, Rice, Sugar, Flour, Grain, Seeds, Corn, Vegetables


Premixes, Candies, Chocolate, Spices, Coffee, Milk powder, Frozen products, Tea, Meat, Cocoa, Noodles, Dairy Products


Grains, Pellets


Clay, Coal, Salt, Sand, Gravel, Peat,Cat litter


Cotton wool, Syringes, Medical products, Cosmetic products


Pesticides, Urea, Sulfur, Plastic, Fertilizers, Potash, Soap, Granules, Additives, Explosives, Detergent


Cement, Decorative stones, Tile glue, Plaster, Premixes


Charcoal, Ice cubes, Small tools, crews, Bolts, Cork, Sawdust, Flax, Cotton

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We have a large stock holding which includes spare parts and a wide range of products.

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industries we serve

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This worksheet is designed to help us systematically and comprehensively consider your packaging needs and communicate them to our packaging system experts. There are no “required fields” and none of your answers will be “set in stone”. Simply provide us with your best estimates as you perceive them now, and we’ll get back to you ASAP with our best advice and recommendations.

Our extensive product range allows us to offer you a wide variety of packaging solutions, we will aim to improve efficiency and reduce costs through supplying standard equipment or by designing an innovative system that will suite your individual needs as well as your budget.

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